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Created by Cano Farragute


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HOLOSPHERE is a project for a comic, created by Cano Farragute.
Cano Farragute is not a millionaire. During 4 long years, using his paycheck, he has managed to invest €26.070 in order to pay the artists, translators and web designers of this project.

The goal of pushing the comic saga forward is to form a comic book publishing house that gives opportunities to new artists, or that allows the experienced ones to grow professionally.

For now, it is a comic that we hope the lovers of the ninth art will enjoy.

The Holosphere, an artifact which once belonged to the Empire, was thought to be destroyed. Currently, it is again a cause of war since it holds the forbidden knowledge of the Ancient Technology.

Agni, fire mage and heiress of a legendary lineage, will take part in a quest that will immerse her in the enigmas of a pact that has not been fulfilled since ancient times.

Peace is starting to die in Ragnaraka… and old heroes are faded, they are but legends and shadows of their former selves.

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