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Ten different universes coexist in an interdimensional space known as RAGNARAKA.
These universes, so very different and far away from one another, have created certain connections between them, and in the end, there were four different dimensions which contain parallel universes. In these universes, humans, elementals, heroes, gods and even unknown beings live together. The space in between the universes and dimensions is known as the LIMBO.


This is the place where the dead go. Once there, the Guardians of the Limbo guide the souls where they need to go: whether to THE GREAT BEYOND or just to wait their moment to be reincarnated.


MIDGARD is a combination of universes each formed by a different element of magic.
Today it is known as the home of the mortals, these universes are disproportionate and uninhabitable for them who, in reality, are foreigners that live in these lands. Even though milenia have passed, these lands continue to be as strange to them as they themselves are to the place they call home. The mortals have constructed their overpopulated metropolises away from the wild lands, where nature and magic are not so prevalent.


An idyllic world for the senses, civilization was able to establish itself on CAELESTIS without major difficulties. Perhaps the fact that it is always daytime may look like one of its major flaws; however the biggest threats come from the also utopian habitat.
Charmed by the perfume of the roses and the majestic landscapes, many are the explorers whose corpses have been found petrified before the work of art that the nature of CAELESTIS is, contemplating it for hours, days and even weeks not stopping to eat just so they do not have to stop looking at its beauty.


In the past, MUSPELHEIM was a gigantic sun. With the passing of the milenia and the influence of magic, it became a sphere of lava orbited by other minor suns. After centuries, parts of this lava began to solidify and gave place to the continents that nowadays form part of it.
Made of volcanoes and rivers that flow into seas made of lava, MUSPELHEIM was an eternal desert of rock and magma, so animals evolved to survive its harsh conditions.

The light of the suns is also no consolation for those who move too far away from the metropolises: the heat evaporates water and the volcanic gases cover the entirety of the sky.


Full of life (and many say with a consciousness of its own) TELLUS is completely wild. Any bit of technology that comes into contact with this universe becomes dust in just a few days and buildings are simply swallowed by the earth.
The tribes that are accustomed to this place make use of the immense variety of fruits that grows in the trees, the ones they use to build their homes made of wood and leaves. They live together with the anurosaurs the dominant species of this universe.


Even though no one except the water titans were around to see it, it is said that FIMBULVETR was a sphere of water suspended in the middle of the vastness of space.
Milenia made the surface of FIMBULVETR, a shell of pure ice that the mortals took advantage of as a continent to create their metropolises. A place where hypothermia is the natural state of the weather, living outside of the metropolises is found to be a symptom of insanity.


A world covered in darkness, SHEOL wanders around an universe where the suns are scarce. Others say that SHEOL is the center of the universe and the other planets and stars orbit around it.
Always nocturnal, it is inhabited only by predatory animals that have developed auditory and olfactory orientation systems. The vegetation extracts nutrients from the land that is almost barren. Vegetation continuously wanders around, so it is almost impossible to map this world. For the inhabitants of the metropolises it is unthinkable to leave their homes, they cultivate the very unstable vegetation in their farms and fight to tame the dangerous animals of their world.


The most unstable of all the universes of MIDGARD, EOLO is a giant ball of wind magic concentrated in a point. Around itself, this point has created a gray sphere that draws everything towards its core.
It is surrounded by a ring of asteroids, which are supposed to be solidified fragments of concentrated wind. These small celestial bodies are the only habitable places in EOLO for mortals. It is difficult to classify its flora and fauna since they are always floating between the core of wind and the asteroids.


Called this because it is the dimension where the souls of the dead go when they abandon MIDGARD, THE GREAT BEYOND is the clearest division of good and evil, order and chaos; and its two confronting universes, ASSGARD and HELL. On the contrary to popular belief, mortals were originated in ASSGARD and HELL was created later, but that story is for another time.


ASSGARD is a very kind place. You cannot really find evil in any of its corners and gods walk along together with their people like if it was a small village covered in grass and fruit trees. Everyone knows one another (except the new folk, but it does not take them long) and the magic they use is a complete evolution of the one they knew in life.


Confusion is the true queen in this ambiguous world of fear and evil.
The ones that go to HELL are not only the ones that did evil in life but also the ones that broke the rules of magic using cursed spells… even if it was for the greater good.
It is a very unfair and cruel place where the dead are turned into demons and elemental beings when they arrive, beings that take the shape of the sins they committed in life.


POYKTEZME is greatly unknown and it is separated from the other dimensions. Some even say it is not real.
Real or not there are some historical facts to prove it exists and that it is inhabited by heroes that only the most incredible of minds might be able to imagine.
It is possible that its inhabitants do not even know if they have any purpose, but according to the records, sometimes they take with them mortals, gods, demons… anyone. They are all equal in their eyes.


An empty wasteland, SHAMBHALLA is very hard to be understood at its physical level since gravity has its own rules.
One could say that it is dark, maybe infinite. In it, sheets made of ferrolain float, an indestructible material that covers the foundations of this place made by wires and circuits.
Its inhabitants are technological beings. For example, they can be mechanical creatures with a virtual brain or holographic projections that emulate the beings that dwell in ASSGARD, although nobody knows why.
Mysterious and eternal, SHAMBHALLA is, alongside ASSGARD, the oldest place of RAGNARAKA… and where the HOLOSPHERE was created.
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