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RAGNARAKA is such an immense cosmos that uniformity is very hard to come by whether its size, elements and other physical and biological factors.
Nevertheless, diversity in RAGNARAKA does not end here, the civilization that lives here has helped in creating during their long existence a new form of diversity based on beliefs and convictions and also religious and political morals.


Followers of KOURAI KHRYSEAI, holder of the HOLOSPHERE, the Kourans are a civilization whose ideals are not centered so much on idolizing their goddess but in their struggle against the DEMONS and their chaotic magic.
Something so enigmatic as magic, half genetic and half spiritual, is in the opinion of the kourans supposed to be used for good.
In all of MIDGARD, the Kourans have metropolises in the universes of fire, water, light and shadow. They are always looking to recruit new magic users for an order that does not seize to grow.
The mere coincidence of being born with magic can mean for the holder of this power a lifetime of care of their whole family, thanks to the Sanctum, the priesthood of the Kourans.


Built on the pillars of knowledge, the Empire has created a civilization with great military strength and a big technological growth, rejecting magic and basing everything in the supremacy of the GALOMS.
They are followers of a unique, everchanging leader. The First Empress Titania created the Order and then she has been succeeded by dozens of emperors throughout history, who sometimes gave some responsibilities to political-military leaders known as generals, who lead their armies.
Extended through the universes of light, shadow, water, fire and wind, they wish to take their power to the last universe left to conquer, TELLUS, a place that does not accept technology and it has become their mortal enemy.
Because they are a faction that fights for order, they enslave the CELERIS who they consider dangerous anarchists.


A civilization in decline since the death of their goddess YOKAI, the yokains are peaceful people who have acted as mediators between the Empire, the kourans and the independents for millennia.
Even with their military and magic power and a very strict martial training since birth, conquest was never their intention. The yokains inhabit CAELESTIS, MUSPELHEIM y FIMBULVETR. They did not want to live in SHEOL because of its negative energy, they always saw EOLO as property of the empire so they never interfered with it and they never visited TELLUS so the harmony of its inhabitants —so distant from civilization— was never disturbed by them.
Since the death of YOKAI, the Empire intervened as an ally in their metropolises in order to help, but it did not take them long to apply martial law. Historians believe that in the end they will become subordinates of the Empire.


As their name suggests, these people are the property of no one, they don not even have relations with each other, so each metropolis has its own form of government and beliefs.
It emerged as a movement of the CELERIS in rebellion against the EMPIRE; but in time they stopped admitting yokains, imperials or kourans in their domain with the exception of Libertatia —a metropolis which lacks any system of government or legislation— and although it is considered an independent state, in it coexist outlaws and immigrants of all factions. The independent metropolises treat Libertatia with suspicion.


With only one (but also the largest) metropolis in SHEOL, Naigilwek, the PUMIKS are the most inconsistent among intelligent beings.
War is their way of life and the expansion of their metropolis has no purpose other than to expand.
Naigilwek has not stopped growing since the beginning. Some wise men believe that at some point in the future all of SHEOL will be theirs and later the rest of the universes until they conquer every last corner of MIDGARD.


Peaceful with each other, the telluans have no interest for technology, knowledge or civilization.
They live in a world that gives them what they need as long as they take care of it. They take care of TELLUS from the intruders that come from other universes and they are helped by the planet itself. Their conflict with the EMPIRE is virtually never ending.
There is a political movement that is emerging in the rest of civilizations of MIDGARD that accepts the Telluan lifestyle calling for the abolishment of the metropolises so that nature can take them over again. However, in the end, those that truly want to live like telluans just move to Tellus and stay —without fighting for nothing— or they end up abandoning their ideals and surrender themselves to civilization.


If they are neutral, nobody knows; but it is clear that they are not allies of any other faction either.
Throughout history they have fought everyone without distinction, taking people from everywhere into their universe. Some consider them captors, others saviours; they may be a mixture of both.


Inhabitants of ASSGARD they want order and correct use of magic in the universes of the mortals and so any conflict they may take on is to stop the misuse of magic.
They are also in possession of the knowledge of spells in their purest state. Because of this, they are attacked by all other universes so they can obtain their secrets for it seems that they can only be revealed to mortals at the end of their lives.


They all were midgardians before going to HELL. They live obsessed with their return to the universes of the mortals, those they attack constantly so they can have their domain there.
Their war versus ASSGARD is legendary since the use of chaos magic in MIDGARD makes it easy to open interdimensional portals that allows them to go back to their old home they miss so much.


SHAMBHALLA is knowledge itself. Any movement they make will be in behalf of knowledge without taking into consideration any feelings or motive beyond reason itself.
Many believe that HELL is the true enemy of ASSGARD, but the true counterpart to the Universe of the Gods is SHAMBHALLA.
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