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Magic is a concept that exists prior to biological life in RAGNARAKA. In fact, biology was invented by OBERON, while magic is an eternal concept. It could be an element that consciously created the ELEMENTALS and an element that unconsciously created each universe.
The essence of each of the universes in MIDGARD is made by a different magic element.
Magic and biology combine themselves in some sort of communion between mortality and eternity: the genes of those that are born in the universes of MIDGARD might undergo a mutation. This mutation allows them to receive the magic from their universe, which creates something called numen in their cells.
However, genetic recombination took magic a step further. Descendants whose parents were born in a specific universe and traveled to a different one could inherit numens from other universes. This way, even if the most common case is to have the magic from the universe where they were born, there is a chance to have more than one numen.
Civilization has studied how to use magic since its conception, thus creating mages; however, over time they found a way to disturb magic until they managed to transform it into the chaos element… the users of this element are known as warlocks.
Be it a correct or incorrect use of magic, we can find six different types; however it looks curious that, even though biological beings can only use one numen each, there are some exceptions amongst them. Some can use two —these are known as DIMEIGI— or three —TRIMEIGI.


The magic of light is usually attributed to good, nonetheless this is but a fallacy of magic itself.
Most leukomancers are born in CAELESTIS. Their power grows when they are there and shrinks when they are in SHEOL.
The mages of light —also known as white mages— are able to heal mortal diseases and wounds, strengthen themselves and others in unfavorable weather, or enlarge themselves to titanic sizes. This does not imply that they use these abilities to do good. Many of them have used leukomancy to strengthen themselves to fight or to make people fall asleep while driving and have an accident.
Shadow numen is the opposite of the numen of light.


They are usually mistrusted. Umbromancers —or dark mages— have powers that seem to be predestined to do evil: they create diseases, weaken, create insomnia or reduce the size of people.
These mages are usually surrounded by pessimism, as it also happens in SHEOL —where most of them come from— where their power grows stronger; likewise, their power is reduced in CAELESTIS.
Magic of light can be use to do evil, similar to the shadow magic. Some umbromancers are well known saints that have saved lives by using their powers: a clever use of umbromancy can reduce the size of a person stuck between two rocks. It can also weaken a predator that is attacking a group of people.
The opposite of the shadow numen is the numen of light.


The users of this magic —one of the most impressive magics— are admired and feared. Everybody knows the destructive power of fire.
In MUSPELHEIM, the power of pyromancers is huge and so they can take advantage of their surroundings and manipulate them. However, when these mages are in FIMBULVETR, their power is substantially reduced.
The opposite of the fire numen is the water numen.


It is one of the most difficult numens to master because of the different states in which this element can be found; controlling water in liquid, solid and gaseous state can be an odyssey for hydromancers.
In FIMBULVETR this magic’s power is so overwhelming that people say that these mages could change its geography; however, those that have traveled to TELLUS have felt how the environment has absorbed their energy.
The opposite of the water numen is the nature numen.


This one might be the most powerful of them all, in the hands of an intelligent user.
The nature magic, alongside the magics of light and shadow, is what gods use to create biological beings. Because of this, biomancers have taken advantage of it and have gone too far: such an energy that is able to manipulate life itself can make its users dangerous. They can control almost anything in TELLUS, because not only their power grows stronger, but they are also surrounded by a vast vegetation. Despite their power being dramatically reduced in MUSPELHEIM, biomancers can still control other things like earth —which they use to create earthquakes— or gravity. It is a very complete magic, but it has also been proved to be very instinctive and its research is limited.
The opposite of the nature numen is the fire numen.


Wind, a neutral element, has no opposite.
Aeromancers handle such an unstable magic that its mutability is sometimes whimsical, as if it had its own life.
They create tornadoes and hurricanes, aeromancers never have their power reduced in other universes, although it grows stronger in EOLO.


Since magic is found in a genetic level and each one has its own opposite, it is really unlikely for a biological being to have more than one magic.
When we talk about numens, as long as they are not opposite, it is something unusual but not impossible. These mages are known as dimeigi.
If a magic user has three numens, one of them has to be wind —neutral element— and one of the other two has to be light or shadow, but not both. The last one can be either water, fire or nature. These mages are known as trimeigi.
There are some exceptional cases in which users have all the six numens which are balanced by each other… these users are called GODS.
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