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They are descendants of Oberon, the first god. They were created in the image and likeness of him. They are the precursors of the metropolises. Their origin belongs to ASSGARD, however they can be found in every universe of MIDGARD.
They are distinguished by the horns that they have in their heads which are solid structures that protect the genes that grants them their high longevity and their receptiveness to MAGIC. It is known that a galom that loses its horns will age proportionally to that loss. That galom would also be more receptive to magic.


They come from a genetic experiment of the First Empress, TITANIA, who used the knowledge from SHAMBHALLA in order to create a hornless race: receptive to magic, with faster aging and less longevity. This race would have a higher offspring so new generations would be more prone to provide loyal GODS to the Empire.


Chaos, an unknown entity, created them. They are prone to chaotic magic.
They are doomed to HELL when they die no matter how good they were. They have the chance to be immortal if they regularly ingest poison.
Their anatomical structure makes them similar to HUMANS and GALOMS, but on their inside they are closer to amphibians and mollusks: they can breathe through holes that they have all over their bodies and this allows them to live on land or in water.
 Other than that, they are characterized by tentacles on their heads that resemble hair. All of them lack an arm or a leg, so they solve this by wearing mechanical implants since they are born.
Mothers, sons and brothers know each other… but fathers are nowhere to be found in their society: they are raised in the streets, be it on gangs or alone.


These 2 feet tall and friendly beings were created by the goddess YOKAI.
They have not been around MIDGARD for long and they are so long-lived that some of them know many generations of other races.
They are the most intelligent species in MIDGARD, thus they belong to the most higher ranks in civilizations. They make up for their physical limitations with a huge magic power that surpasses even the Elementals.
As a fun fact, one could say that they hold their honor in their hats, so every single of them wears a lustrous hat that usually makes them look taller.


Gods are actually the hardest concept of RAGNARAKA to understand, they are nothing other than privileged beings that have the six magic numens in their genes… but this would be a very simple summary of their true complexity in all its levels.
They are unnatural and none should have been born after OBERON and TITANIA; but because of the settlements in MIDGARD, generations of mortals caused the inevitable: their genes mixed more and more with the next generations and Oberon was not able to control it. Thus, new gods were created in all of the races that could use any of the six types of numen. Throughout all history there are only a few known to have been born: a Galom god, URIEL; and three Humans gods: PANDORA, KOURAI and YOKAI. There is no record about a Celeris or Hipohumanous god.
Nevertheless, even with their magical privileges, all gods have the instinct of creating life… something that only OBERON and YOKAI were able to do. On the other hand, they are the ones that decide who enters ASSGARD and those that go either to LIMBO or to HELL.


Elementals are beings made exclusively of magic. Nevertheless, their diversity makes them distinguishable: meanwhile titans and homunculi live in MIDGARD (both natives, before the arrival of civilization) in ASSGARD several intelligent anthropoid species exist just like in HELL where each demon is made of a different element.
Elementals are eternal and ageless, but if they do die —because of an accident or murder— they cannot go to THE GREAT BEYOND, but instead they go to LIMBO and are reborn eventually.


The Pumiks are a very primitive race of shadow elementals with a complete lack of feelings. They are also a FACTION of RAGNARAKA.
They were created in an experiment, a mixture of science and witchcraft. They are born from a plant called genoumbra that is native to SHEOL and they reproduce using spores that they themselves release into the air before battle.
Unable to experience happiness, sadness, hate or love, many say that they are but killing machines. Maybe that is the truth, because they also do not need to eat, sleep or do any vital function common in all living beings. Also they kill as soon as they are born: they are always born twins or triplets and they kill their brothers due to their instinct. Life in Naigilwek, their only metropolis (a megalopolis), is based in two things: training and death.
They will never go to THE GREAT BEYOND, instead when they die their energy dissipates through MIDGARD and returns to SHEOL —to the megalopolis of Naigilwek. They transfer their energy to new generation.


Made from pure evil, demons are elementals of immense —and corrupted— power.
Even life itself is unpleasant in HELL, these beings must follow their sinful instinct in order to quench their thirst; and this is their punishment. They live their immortal existence always feeling remorseful of what they did in life: those that were cruel can not stand the idea of never being able to feel pleasure ever again; the ones that are there because they misused magic live in constant shame.
Unable of feeling pleasure, they just follow their purpose —be it greed, gluttony or pride…— to appease the unending despair they encountered as they fell into THE GREAT BEYOND.
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